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Landlord PAT Testing In Southampton & Portsmouth

Today we have been busy testing student HMO properties, eleven in Portsmouth and one in Southampton. HMO Landlords are increasingly required to have PAT Testing carried out in their properties to satisfy the requirements of their insurance providers and also the local authority who issue their licenses.

The pictures below show the flex on a refrigerator in a student house in Southsea. The flex has been nibbled by a rodent exposing the bare copper on the neutral conductor. To solve this issue we simply cut out the damaged section of flex and inserted a connector block. All subsequent test results were good and the Landlord was more than happy.

In the afternoon we attended a student property in Highfield Southampton on behalf of a local letting agent. The photo below shows how the flex to the oven was wired and it can be seen that the earth is not connected. Minor repairs on our Landlord Silver pricing plan are free and we simply rewired and the oven passed.

The above are good examples of why we are used by Landlords and Letting Agents throughout Hampshire. Some companies who offer cheap PAT Testing do not offer repairs and will simply fail appliances and move on their next job. This then leads to a problem to sort out for the Landlord or Letting Agent and also results in additional costs. Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best option, we take pride in our work and hope to work with you soon.

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